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The TAP team is full of passion, by a group of talented young people composition. Represent the era each struggle for the pursuit of a dream creature!
We yearn for the freedom, both loose management system or the harmonious relationship between colleagues......
We love life, whether it is going to KTV or go to the lake to catch lobster......
We advocate the occupation, whether it is the pursuit of the ideal is to realize the self value......
We are people-oriented, provides unlimited space occupation development and benefits for people with ideals......
Serious work, happy life, TAP look forward to your joining!

Test Engineer

College degree and above
Work period: one year and above
Recruiting number: 1
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for www.tap.cn test

Job requirements:

1, one year above website product testing experience;
2, according to the product requirements and design documents, making the project test plan, test requirements, design and analysis of test data and test cases, write test case;
3, to complete the design and configuration of the work test environment according to the project test requirements;
4, the implementation of specific test task and validation of test results, defect tracking, to complete the test report

Contact US:

Please send your resume directly to our human resources department mailbox susan@szqunanjie.com, message must indicate the position you are applying, resume do not use attachment to add.

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